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This means welcome in our language, Tagalog. We welcome you to a warm inviting environment called Guy Hobby World & Mini Mart. Please take the time to explore our web site. Guy Hobby carries Far East products, oriental groceries, and hobby retail all together. We have a wide variety of groceries and preserved foods but mostly imported from the Philippines. Frozen fish, tilapia, bangus, meats, longganisa, and shrimp are also made available.

Guy Hobby World & Mini Mart is also a money remittance branch. You can send money to the Philippines through Lucky Money. Send money to the Philippines seven times in a row and your eighth service fee will be FREE. For exchange rates and more information you can visit their web site at

If you would like to request a flight to the Philippines or flight information regarding prices and etc, you can contact Agent Lynn Uy Gagen at Guy Hobby World & Mini Mart (360) 240 0208. For other ways to reach us, please visit our Contact Information page.

Guy Hobby World & Mini Mart is also an agent for Willex and Forex. Through either company you can send Balikbayan boxes to the Philippines. For promotional information please visit or   For pick up dates and provincial costs, you may contact Lynn Uy Gagen.

Thursday is our Market Day, between 2:00 P.M. to 6:00 P.M.
Fresh Pandesal (a Filipino bread) and vegetables are made available.

On Tuesdays you can rent movies for $ .99!
We carry mostly Tagalog DVD's, VCD's, and VHS tapes.
You may also purchase Tagalog movies or Tagalog music CDs.